Many visitors to Winterpast Farm are familiar with Farmer Mary’s RENT-A-RABBIT program. She also rents guinea pigs, baby chicks, ducklings (seasonal), a piglet…
A week gives most families a chance to see if this particular animal is a good fit for them and some families rent just for fun.

Farmer Mary recently came across a company that will rent you chickens for two weeks to try them out for a while. Here is information from the company.

Have you toyed with the idea of owning a backyard flock, but have too many questions to spend the money to get set up? Chicken coops all over craigslist sell for average $450 to $750 for a 4 to 6 hen coop. Are they noisy? Do they stink? Do I have to have a rooster? Is there going to be a dead baby chick inside this egg when i crack it open? What if we decide later we don’t want them after all, what do we do with it all then? Lots of unknowns for the first time chicken owner, especially when faced with easily $500 to $1000 in startup costs…

Our Rent A Chicken Experience program is the perfect solution! You’ll get to try out ownership, but without the commitment and at a fraction of the cost! The program is simple, and works like this:

For a fee of $125 (plus refundable $50 security deposit), for a period of two weeks, we will place at your home our chicken tractor, two of our award-winning Heritage Breed laying hens, bedding material, feeder and waterer, enough of our locally sourced all natural feed to last, a short instructional/Q&A session, and an FAQ handout. You’ll enjoy daily fresh eggs (usually one per hen per day), and experience for yourself how easy these birds are to care for. After two weeks, we will come back and remove the entire operation.

We advertise this “instant” setup for sale without the rental for $400. Should you want to purchase the setup at your home at the end of the rental period, we would offer it to you for $350. You can keep the hens you rented if you choose, or we can provide you with another pair of hens of most common breeds. We can also recommend and supply you with coops, hens, and accessories should you want to set up a larger flock.

We are located between Garner and Clayton, not far from I-40 Exit 306. Due to gas prices, a delivery fee of $25 may be added if you are more than about 25 miles from us.

Find out if a backyard flock is right for your family with The Triangle’s ORIGINAL Rent A Chicken!

We are happy to answer any questions you may have. Call 919-88O-2923.


“Just a progress report. The chickens are doing great! I got eggs the first day, so now have 4. :) I let them out yesterday and they loved the yard with the wild strawberries and crab apples. They also have lots of trees to hang out under. When it got dark, they hopped right back into the tractor. It was great! I imagined them looking sad when I left for work this morning. LOL. Are the chickens for sale? I’m getting beautiful eggs. Thanks!”

“Our two weeks will come to an end tomorrow, and to be honest….we’re a little sad to see them go! Lol! But we have decided to take the plunge and raise our own hens next month. “The Lorps” are so funny with two distinct personalities that we’ve come to know well. Good luck with the “Rent-a-Chicken Experience” and feel free to use us as a reference if ya’ll need to And thanks again!!”


Try it and let Farmer Mary know how it goes!

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Visitors are welcome to bring a picnic lunch or supper to Winterpast Farm. Farmer Mary has a new picnic area set up by the barn where visitors will be undisturbed by the animals.




The picnic tables can be moved, and large groups accommodated in any area of the farm including the back pasture during bonfires. Farmer Mary also has several long, folding tables available and plenty of tablecloths.




Why not plan to pack a lunch or dinner next time you visit the farm?


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