Farmer Mary realized that yesterday was the first anniversary of “Justin Beiber” the baby peacock’s hatching out of his egg at Winterpast Farm…he was the only one of 11 eggs to hatch so he has been hanging out with ducks ever since. Lately he’s been encouraging his sister duck who’s setting on eggs.  And, in the evening, he and his “brother” duck patrol the grounds for foxes and other varmints.  As tough as they like to act, when they see a fox they fly into a tree, however, but my female is hidden under a bench so hopefully she’ll not be noticed. Justin has developed into a beautiful bird with lots of colors on his feathers despite the fact he won’t be getting his really long, fancy feathers for at least another year.  That doesn’t keep him from flirting, feathers up, with every duck and chick around the farm…I even saw him flirting with one of my new pigs lately.  Or, maybe he was just practicing his technique.

Farmer Mary is still hopeful that Joseph, the beautiful big male peacock, and Rachel, his arranged wife, will have eggs and children this year…so far she’s not laid a single egg and she shows no interest in Joseph. However, she gazes longingly at Justin whenever he passes. Maybe she’s waiting til he grows up…maybe Farmer Mary needs to find Joseph a new wife!

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