A few weeks ago Farmer Mary was made a gift of three female donkeys. they are exceedingly friendly and love living at a petting zoo where hugs and apple slices are just about a daily occurrence!


They are three shades of gray to dark brown and the other day a mom (former vet tech) informed Farmer Mary that the largest looked pregnant to her. So, Farmer Mary has been reading up on donkey pregnancy and birth. Did you know they often have twins?

Well, today while on a farm tour of the back pasture Farmer Mary noticed that the largest donkeys teats are suddenly filled with milk! back to research… See below

Donkeys, unlike horses can have a gestation period of a year-13 months. It is not unknown for a donkey to foal at 400 days. Some of these signs are, that her udder will get larger about 2-4 week out. It may fill up during the night and shrink during the day as she gets more exercise. About 1-2 weeks out her teats will begin to fill with milk. They will get bigger, the closer she gets. You will also notice that her pelvis and vulva will start to relax. About 12 hours prior to foaling they will become very relaxed and her vulva will turn a bright purple. She will rub her back side on items to relieve the pressure. She will also get milk veins on her abdomen. About 12-24 hours prior to her foaling the mare may get wax on her udder. She also may have milky fluid leak from her teats for a day or so before.




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