Did you know you can rent a pet from Winterpast Farm? For $35 (for most small animals) you get the animal, cage, feed and everything you need for a week. Farmer Mary mostly rents guinea pigs and bunnies. She has also rented baby goat on a bottle to a girls slumber birthday party, a variety of farm animals to a country style event, a piglet to a family who was considering buying a pig (that family learned alot, had fun, and did not buy a pig pet!) She has rented a goat to be jokingly exchanged for a bride at a wedding, a baby goat, ducklings, chicks, a hen…just ask! Families and individuals rent for a wide variety of reasons:

Considering adding a furry friend to your household? Rent first and try it out instead of buying!

Dad out of town on a business trip? Miss him a bit less with a new furry friend to take care of.

Grandkids coming for a weekend or for a holiday? Rent a nice bunny and be their very favorite Grandparent!!

Stepkids coming for a stay? Rent a pet to help ease the transition.

Homeschool family studying animals…check with Farmer Mary and rent something interesting to watch develop!

TEMPORARY CLASSROOM PET option works like this. You rent a pet and then ask your child’s classroom teacher if s/he would like a temporary classroom pet; it might be one day, two..or all week. Meanwhile the child is “king of the classroom”, the parents who provided the animal are considered great, and the entire class enjoys a temporary furry or feathered friend. And, the family probably learns they don’t need to buy a pet..why buy when you can take it back to Winterpast Farm and, later on, rent something else?

This rental all helps pay to feed and house all the many many former pets who now live at Winterpast Farm.

Even if you don’t rent a pet, pass on the news to friends and let’s help recycle existing pets instead of creating more!





Here Farmer Mary’s son, Alex, helps take a rental cage to a car.

Currently these two guinea pigs are our most popular. They go, usually as a pair, for $45 for a week. Their names are RAINBOW and OREO. They like to be brushed and don’t mind hairstyling fun!




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