Come meet our new baby lambs soon!
With this gorgeous weather Farmer Mary wishes the farm could be open for visits, but she is at the 2016 Wildlife Rehabbers NC annual conference which is at the NCSU Vet School this weekend. 


OPEN Monday Feb 1 from 10-5

OPEN Tuesday Feb 2 from 10-5

CLOSED Wednesday Feb 3

OPEN Thursday Feb 4 from 10-5

CLOSED Friday Feb 5

OPEN Saturday Feb 6 from 10-5 

OPEN Sunday Feb 7 from 1-5

CLOSED Monday Feb 8

OPEN Tuesday Feb 9 from 10-5

CLOSED Wednesday Feb 10

OPEN Thursday Feb 11 from 10-5

OPEN Friday Feb 12 from 10-5

OPEN Saturday Feb 13 from 10-5

OPEN Sunday Feb 14 from 10-5 (Farmer Mary’s Birthday and Valentines Day!)

Please read “your visit” at which explains how to schedule a farm visit, details our admission and parking and lists food you can bring to feed the animals.
Thank you for supporting a small local farm family.

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