THANKS to friends of the farm, Winterpast Farm was voted one of the top 25 places to go in North Carolina announced today in the News & Observer!! ( Here is a link to the article. )Good thing we got that new parking lot graveled this past week! Maybe we will need a parking garage next! :)


ADDRESS: 12936 Ghoston Road Wake Forest NC 27587

HOURS : vary due to private parties and events at the farm and off-site so always check before you make a visit! Many frequent farm visitors keep an eye on the Winterpast Farm Facebook page for specials (like half price for Veterans this weekend), events and public visiting availability.

YOUR VISIT: Admission is $10 per person. Adopted and foster children visit at no charge (Farmer Mary adopted two of her four children from Russia)

To feed animals bring some of the following: apples, carrots, kale, grapes, cereal, crackers, bread, any fruit or veggie. nothing “blue” with mold please.

Once you have emailed or texted to confirm your visit, Please call or text (texting preferred) Farmer Mary at 919-244-1800 when you get close so she can meet the gate. occasionally parking overflows the lot by the barn and she will open the gate for you to park inside.
PLEASE PARK WITH OTHERS IN MIND!! Meaning don’t leave too much space between cars.



The in-ground pool conversion into a pond learning environment is moving along. Fish, turtles (one even had babies!), water plants, ducks have all been added. Some (big ducks) have already been removed since they eat too many plants! Farmer Mary is happy to accept donations of extra water plants, fish, outdoor chairs or benches for the pond area, perennials…she would also love some help working on the pond including moving large branches to the pond for turtles on bask on, moving some large plants, finishing the bamboo wall surrounding the pond etc. If you like to work outdoors and want to help the pond environment come to life, please volunteer a few hours


All four goats are pregnant and due in the next month.
Two new goats, OREO and MOCHA, have joined the farm.
HUNNY BUNNY has beautiful two week old babies you can hold.
The super fuzzy bunny babies are old enough to rent for a week or to adopt.
Three day old baby quail are on display.
A guinea is setting on eggs up close to Farmer Mary’s house.
SELINA the peahen setting on eggs and more peacock eggs are due to hatch this Friday in the incubator.
A turtle in the pond had babies. They are bright green and about two inches across.


Farmer Mary rents animals by the week! This pet “recycling” enables her to take in unwanted pets and then they “earn their keep ” by visiting homes and schools. You may choose to gift your child’s teacher with a temporary classroom pet.

Animals we have rented: bunnies, guinea pig, hermit crabs (they got adopted), chicks, piglet, ducklings, duck, goat, baby lamb….just ask!

Farmer Mary rents out her five kayaks including a double.


Farmer Mary is available to come to private homes, schools, churches etc. Usually the fee is $200 for an hour, but talk with her about your ideas please. VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL and AWANA visits available.

The farm is available to rent for Birthday (and other) parties. Teen Birthday Bonfires are very popular. Farmer Mary has lots of long, wooden handled forks perfect for roasting hot dogs and then to use for s’mores.



NEW PARKING LOT BY THE BARN! please drive slowly on the settling gravel.

CAMPING at the farm includes fresh eggs for breakfast! Groups and individual families welcome.

COMPOSTING TOILET a big hit. Located to the left of the peacock pen. Come try it out…a scoop of fresh sawdust covers your “deposit”

COMMUNITY SERVICE hours available to teens.

Contact Farmer Mary with your ideas.



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