A few months ago, the pink “Wilbur” pigs knocked over a bunny cage several times so six ruby-eyed, half angora bunnies have been roaming the farm ever since quite happily.  Farmer Mary has been amazed to not find millions of baby bunnies (she envisioned having to change the name of the farm from “Winterpast” to “White Bunny Farm”).  Then, last week a little girl visitor pointed out a white baby bunny (about 5 weeks old) under a red building in the front yard. Four more have been sighted, four all white, and one with dark ears and a spot.  Two have been caught by visitors and loved on a while.  It’s too early to take them from their Mom since their age is unsure, but eventually, in a few weeks, Farmer Mary plans to bring them inside and they will be available in the new “Rent a Rabbit” program where you can take a bunny home (with cage and all supplies) for $20 a week.

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