Facebook wants Farmer Mary to pay to send her posts to her own followers. Sorry, she doesn’t have an advertising budget. Follow the farm on Instagram at winterpast_farm.


Stay tuned for goat 🐐 and sheep 🐑birthing updates here and at winterpast_farm on Instagram and at blog posts at No need to text Farmer Mary to ask if there are any babies yet! *********************************

Farmer Mary still needs some tall (teen or adult) help fixing up some more maternity pens at Winterpast Farm. Read the Volunteer section at then text Farmer Mary to get started!


Winterpast Farm Schedule:

CLOSED Fri Feb 5-8

OPEN 10-5 Sat Feb 9

OPEN 1-6 Sun Feb 10 after a morning away Birthday 🎈

CLOSED Mon-Wed Feb 11-13

OPEN 10-5 Thurs Feb 14❤️ (Farmer Mary’s Birthday-if you are in the mood for gifting check out our Amazon Wish List or the Donations page at

Please read “your visit” at to learn how to schedule your Farm visit, how to NOT turn down Farmer Mary’s neighbors private road behind the old tobacco barn, how to park “at a pig” 🐖 in our small parking lot, our admission price (cash only) and a list of food 🥕🍏🍓 you can bring to feed the animals. Thank you for supporting a small local farm family animal rescue. #winterpastfarm #pettingzoo #farmermary #

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