Farmer Mary has to make room for baby chicks and ducklings and other babies this Spring. If you have ever considered a bunny or guinea pig as a pet, Winterpast Farm is the place to go.  You can buy, rent, exchange and return….Right now friendly guinea pigs and bunnies are only $10 which is half the usual price.  Farmer Mary is planning a rabbit expansion with more varieties starting this Spring. 

Meanwhile, Lizzie Lou the goat is STILL pregnant…rounder daily.

Big Mama the pig is a good mother and occasionally lets us hold a baby a while.

Baby bunnies are multiplying and getting ready for Easter and other Spring photography…schedule your visit soon and pick out your favorite bunny.  There are plenty to hold.

Farmer Mary is getting a new dog, a stray rescued through Animal Control of Wake County…she and her children are still working on coming up with the right name.  Come see him soon!Here he is at his foster home. Hope to bring him to the farm within the week.  What alot of new smells he’s going to enjoy there!

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