Live Nativity at Hayes Barton Baptist Church!

 Farmer Mary assumes the Live Nativity at Hayes Barton Baptist Church (see earlier posts for address) will go on tonight despite possible rain. Farmer Mary will be loading up some sheep and goats around 6 to take them to Raleigh. The donkeys spend the nights in a little barn on site. Tomorrow night, with no rain in the forecast, there is an early (5:30-7) meet the animal time before the Live Nativity starts at 7. No rain expected tomorrow. What a nice way to spend Christmas Eve!

Winterpast Farm Schedule:
Wed Dec 23 closed for rain
Thurs Dec 24 closed*
Fri Dec 25 open 10-5
Sat Dec 26 open 10-5
Sun Dec 27 open 1-5
Mon Dec 28 open 10-5
Tues Dec 29 closed
Wed Dec 30 open 10-5
Thurs Dec 31 closed
Fri Jan 1 open 10-5
Please read “your visit” at which explains admission, details how to schedule a visit, lists animal food you can bring and more.

Thank You for supporting a small local farm family.

*these evenings Farmer Mary and MABEL and CLAIRE the donkeys, BA BA and CHARLOTTE ROSE the sheep and BETSY and BELLA the goats will be at the annual live nativity at Hayes Barton Baptist Church in Raleigh from 7-9pm with an earlier 6pm Christmas Eve start time with an opportunity to meet and pet the animals-please try to come!


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