This afternoon the Photography Club from Millbrook High School visited Winterpast Farm to practice taking photos of animals. It was hard to pick between photographing emu, donkeys, goats, bunnies, fancy chickens and more! 



  Farmer Mary is happy to host student groups and clubs at the farm. Just ask!

CLOSED Thurs Oct 15

CLOSED Fri Oct 16 for away events

OPEN 9-2 Sat Oct 17 (update)

CLOSED Sun Oct 18 for private event

OPEN 10-5 Mon Oct 19

CLOSED Tues Oct 20 for away event

OPEN 10-5 Wed Oct 21

CLOSED Thurs Oct 22

OPEN 10-5 Fri Oct 23

CLOSED Sat Oct 24 for 2 away events

CLOSED Sun Oct 25 for private events

OPEN 10-5 Mon Oct 26

CLOSED Tues Oct 27 for school field trip

OPEN 10-5 Wed Oct 28

OPEN 10-5 Thurs Oct 29

OPEN 11-5 Fri Oct 30-wear a costume!

CLOSED Sat Oct 31 for 3 away events



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