A  farmer friend had a spare baby lamb who has moved to Winterpast Farm.  She turns a week old tomorrow and is drinking a bottle and hanging out with Farmer Mary’s new puppy, Charlie.  “Juliet Louise” would love a visit!Lizzie Lou, the goat, is a bit jealous, but the other animals are curious.  The geese are terrified of her which is pretty funny.  Big Mama, the pig, was asleep when Juliet arrived today, so hasn’t seen her yet, but the baby pigs played with her.  She rode well in the car, and will hopefully settle in.  Tonight she’s sleeping in the house with Charlie.

Text Farmer Mary at 244-1800 to arrange a visit to Winterpast Farm to feed and pet and hold and love all the animals. There are baby bunnies right now, and more to come.  Two hens are setting on eggs that may hatch any day.  Mother Muscovy duck was setting on eggs but seems to have disappeared…hopefully she’s just setting on a secret nest.  Time will tell….come help Farmer Mary count the huge emu eggs in the back pasture. You won’t believe the color and size!  Winterpast Farm is open every day including Sunday afternoons, but please schedule your visit so you don’t show up accidently during a birthday party!

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