Yesterday Farmer Mary was speaking with Animal Control in a nearby town where a loose emu was on the run. This morning Farmer Mary helped officers capture the emu,and load it into the Winterpast Farm van and it is now hanging out in the back pasture. OSCAR and EMILY, the emu pair already living at Winterpast Farm, didn’t seem particularly interested in the new arrival. Farmer Mary is hoping they will all get along. 


OPEN Fri Feb 26 from 10-5

OPEN Sat Feb 27 from 10-5

OPEN Sun Feb 28 from 1-5

OPEN Mon Feb 29 from 10-5

CLOSED Tues March 1

OPEN Wed March 2 from 10-5

CLOSED Thurs March 3

OPEN Fri March 4 from 10-5

OPEN Sat March 5 from 10-5

OPEN Sun March 6 from 1-5

OPEN Mon March 7 from 10-5

CLOSED Tues March 8

Please read “your visit” at our website which explains how to schedule a farm visit, details our admission and parking and lists food you can bring to feed the animals. Then TEXT Farmer Mary at 919-244-1800 to let her know how many at what time.Thank you for supporting a small local farm family. Follow the farm on Instagram at winterpast_f

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