Farmer Mary is raising admission price to $10 to reflect the rapidly rising feed costs. The cost of most animal feed has doubled in the ten years she has owned Winterpast Farm.


Food donations always welcome including dog and cat food, bread (whole wheat preferred), veggies and fruit, leftover pumpkins etc. As you clean out your garden, feel free to bring vines and old plants and leftover veggies. Outdated food is usually fine.

Winterpast Farm will host a variety of workshops and classes for all ages as well as story hours this Winter. Classes may include jewelry making (using feathers), soap making, mushroom log construction and more. If you want to teach a class at Winterpast, get in touch with Farmer Mary. The idea of using the farm to build community is growing.

Rentals are increasing and will include kayaks, bunnies, guinea pig, possibly a piglet or baby goat, an entire backyard chicken set up complete with chickens (probably rented by the month). Rentals are not limited to private homes. Consider gifting your childs preschool or school with a friendly sweet pet for a week or two.


Eggs of all sorts are available and will be advertised as different poultry begin to lay this Spring. Plan to experiment with quail eggs or duck or goose eggs this year!!


High schoolers are enjoying doing their community service at Winterpast Farm and other volunteer opportunities exist. Thinking about moving to the country? Come help Farmer Mary and her teens split some firewood and mend some fences soon.

Farmer Mary appreciates every visitor and every single donation of time, food, animals etc. Thank you for choosing to support a small local farm family. Thank you for telling your friends and coworkers and teachers about Winterpast Farm.







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