Another amazing peacock photo from Winterpast Farm. You can bring grapes, kale, cereal, crackers and thin apple slices and the peacocks will eat from your hands. This is a male-you can tell from the blue neck and the copper colored feathers at the very bottom of the wings.

Please read “your visit” at which explains how to schedule your visit. Please text Farmer Mary. Don’t just drop by even during posted open hours. Farm may close during rain. Always check back after scheduling a visit to be sure farm is open on rainy days)
Farm Schedule:
OPEN this Sunday from 1-5

OPEN Mon Dec 28 from 10-5 (closed if heavy rain)

CLOSED Tues Dec 29

OPEN Wed Dec 30 from 10-5 (Closed if heavy rain. Farmer Mary’s oldest son, Ben Armstrong, turns 21!)

CLOSED Thurs Dec 31

OPEN Fri Jan 1 from 10-5

OPEN Sat Jan 2 from 10-5

CLOSED Sun Jan 3

Farmer Mary will post additional January dates and hours very soon.
Feel free to bring your Christmas tree and leave it at the barn any time. Please tell your friends.

Thank you for supporting a small local farm family.

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