Below is copied directly from the “your visit” page at Please take the time to read the whole page and you will have a great visit to Winterpast Farm.  

If you visit Winterpast Farm and have a good time and are telling your friends about the farm please ask them to read the “your visit” page at which will help them understand how to schedule a visit, admission, parking and hey will see the list of food to bring to feed the animals. And, hopefully they won’t turn down the neighbors private road behind the barn even when their GPS tells them to!!!!


If you are short of time here are the highlights

1. Admission is $10 for all ages. Cash or check. No credit cards. Please be ready to pay on arrival. No change is available. Please respect our admission price. No change is available. Please respect our admission price. Please be prepared to pay on arrival. No credit cards. Please do not plan to debate our admission fee at the gate.

2. Our parking lot is small so park CLOSE together and pull in close to the plywood pig faces marking parking spots. The address is 12936 Ghoston Road, Wake Forest NC 27587. Located near Falls Lake at the end of Six Forks Road at Highway 98. Make an appointment to visit. Park at a pig. Pull up close to the parking pigs. Park mindfully of others. Please don’t leave trash in the parking lot. There is a trashcan right there.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Do not go down the neighbors private road behind our barn even if your GPS says to turn!! This makes Farmer Mary’s neighbors very angry as it should. Simply look for our well marked entrance! !!!!  

3. Check open hours posted on website or facebook page then TEXT (please do not call during open hours since Farmer Mary will be busy with visitors. If you absolutely cannot text please try to call after 9pm when Farmer Mary will be less busy with animals and teens) to arrange a visit DURING those open hours. Farmer Mary likes to know when people are coming so she can be available near the gate. She doesn’t want to be ten acres back fixing a fence when you arrive! 

 Please don’t text “can we come Thursday?” PLEASE BE SPECIFIC to avoid endless back and forth texts. For example you could text “group of five moms and six kids this Thursday from 12-3 for picnic lunch and tour?” Farmer Mary is busy and cannot chat on the phone. She DOES NOT hang out on FB all day long. YOU will be very happy if she doesn’t spend all her time on the phone while YOU are visiting. Please do not text to ask if you can visit on a day the posted schedule says the farm is closed. Please read the schedule first. Text. Text. Text. 919-244-1800

4. BRING FOOD FOR FEEDING THE ANIMALS! Long list is farther below. Short list is kale, romaine lettuce, collards, saltines, wheat crackers, apples, wheat bread, cereal (any), carrots, celery, apples, green beans, grapes. Farmer Mary tries to have $5 mixed buckets of food for sale and sometimes has sleeves of crackers, cereal or corn in baggies available for sale. You will have more fun with more animal food! Please do not allow your children to take or beg animal food from other visitors buckets. Most visitors who choose to are able to meet, feed and hold bunnies, guinea pigs, chicks when available, chickens, baby goats and whatever else is small and cuddly.

Please keep in mind the size of the animal and don’t give a huge carrot to a baby goat or half an apple to an emu and expect them to be able to swallow it. We have had instances of choking and near death due to poor feeding choices made by visitors. Always simply think before you feed.

5. Yes there is a bathroom (outdoor composting toilet)and hand washing (sink and hot water at the barn)

6. Please plan to keep a very close eye on your children while you are here. Including while they are on our hammocks and especially while they are holding and feeding animals.


Thank you for supporting a small local farm family. Thank you for not making Farmer Mary’s neighbors mad.

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