Farmer Mary gets almost daily from families who have pet bunnies they want to rehome for a wide variety of reasons. Many of these bunnies have not had regular holding and it takes a while to get them ready to sit nicely and to eat out of visiting children’s hands.

Farmer Mary created her RENT-A-RABBIT program in order to give families a chance to try out having a bunny (or two) in their home. Some families rent a bunny regularly during school trackout or holidays. One Grandmother has a standing order for two small bunnies each Easter when her grandchildren are in town visiting.

For $25 you take home a cage, bedding, food, bowls for food and water, a bunny you have a chance to pick out, and sometimes Farmer Mary loans out her folding pet pen for outdoor play if it isn’t needed at a home Birthday party.


Here is Farmer Mary’s daughter with a bunny who moved to the farm years ago. Regular visitors know him as the Father of a very popular bunny named “Mr. Mustache”.


Talk with Farmer Mary soon about a bunny rental.

A sweet new orange and white striped GUINEA PIG named “Henry” is also now available to visit your home (or classroom…consider gifting your child’s preschool or other school classroom with a sweet bunny for a fun week!!) Henry has been sitting very nicely in laps and happily eats kale, carrots and apple slices from your hand.




There is no limit to rentals…kayaks, a bottle feeding goat (when available), chicks, ducks, kayaks…and don’t forget you can rent the back pasture for campouts and bonfires and rent the whole farm for the best Birthday parties. Farmer Mary would be happy to explore possibilities. She once rented a baby goat to star in a wedding and has rented a bottle fed goat to a little girl’s slumber Birthday party. Opportunities are endless!




That goat is LIZZIE LOU and she still lives at Winterpast Farm.

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