PEARL the bunny is enjoying an extended rental with a family in Clayton. She has been allowed to hop all over the house and only goes back to her cage to potty. She adores napping on the a/c vents. Enjoy your vacation PEARL; Farmer Mary won’t be adding air conditioning to your rabbit hutch back at Winterpast Farm Petting Zoo in Wake Forest NC!
Winterpast Farm Schedule:

OPEN Mon May 1 from 10-5 (if the rain stays away!)

CLOSED Tues May 2

OPEN Wed May 3 from 10-5

OPEN Thurs May 4 from 2-6

CLOSED Fri May 5 for field trip

CLOSED Sat May 6 for away events

OPEN Sunday May 7 from 12-5

CLOSED Mon May 8

CLOSED Tues May 9

CLOSED Wed May 10

OPEN Thurs May 11 from 12-5after a morning private group

CLOSED Fri May 12 for field trips

CLOSED Sat May 13 for two home birthdays and a bonfire

OPEN Sunday May 14 from 12-5 (half price for all Mothers!!!!)

CLOSED Mon May 15

OPEN Tues May 16 from 10-5

OPEN Wed May 17 from 10-5

PLEASE look for our LARGE entry sign and enter the parking lot there. Please do NOT drive down our neighbors private road behind the Winterpast barn even if your GPS tells you to!!! Our address is 12936 Ghoston Road and our very well marked entrance is at 12936 Ghoston Road.

Please park very close together in our small parking lot. If you need to park on the road in front of the farm find a wide and level spot (plenty) and have ALL 4 tires off road.

When you get to the well marked gate please be prepared to pay$10 per person in cash or check to Winterpast Farm. There is a white metal money box to the right of the gate. Please pay $10 per person.

Thank you for supporting a small local farm family. #pearl #rentapet #rentarabbit #farmermary #winterpastfarm #opentomorrow #pettingzoo #train #traintracks #supportlocalsmallbusiness

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