Did you know you can rent a rabbit for a week from Winterpast Farm?
Why would you??

Maybe your family is considering a pet bunny.
Maybe you want to see how your child (or other pet) interacts with a pet
Maybe you had a pet bunny as a child
Maybe you want to “gift” a preschool teacher with a temporary classroom pet (ask first!)
Maybe it is exam week and you want a way to de-stress
Maybe your grandchildren are coming to visit and you want them to want to come
Maybe you homeschool and are talking about animals

For only $35 a week you can rent a bunny. It comes with a cage, food, all supplies. You provide a safe place, loving laps and an occasional treat.

Some bunny rentors head to the pet store and buy bunny toys and treats. That’s fine. Some prefer pine bedding and purchase that. Usually the bunny comes with a newspaper lined cage and extra newspaper for the week.

Farmer Mary doesn’t mind if you return the cage uncleaned. She composts the newspaper and bunny droppings in her garden.

One popular bunny called HUNNY BUNNY is litter trained and if you like you can let her out to use a litter box (provided)

Farmer Mary occasionally has a Mom and babies combo rental and she can sometimes rent you a larger cage with multiple bunny siblings for multiple child families. Extra bunnies are $10 each for a week.







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