Many children who visit Winterpast Farm petting zoo in Wake Forest NC completely amaze their parents when they sit very still and love our sweet bunnies. Bunnies are all former pets who were donated to the farm. Farmer Mary began a rental program where you can take a bunny (or guinea pig) home (or to a classroom) by the week. The cost is only $35 including the cage and food and all supplies needed for a fun and highly educational animal experience. This fee goes directly to help feed all the former pets who now live at Winterpast Farm.

This “recycling” of existing pets gives many people a chance to really see what having a small pet in a cage is like. Most are returned with exclamations of utter amazement about how much they poop. It is MUCH better to find that out before actually buying one! “You don’t need to own it to love it” says Farmer Mary. She does sell some pets but they all go with an agreement that they can be returned at any time. Sometimes that is two weeks, six months even two years later!

  Some families rent an animal very time their child is tracked out. Some children have to “earn” their animal rental by modifying some behavior. Farmer Mary, who was not allowed pets as a child, loves to hear about children earning their animal experience. Some rent for birthdays, some to ease the transition when a step-child visits, once to help keep a child seated post knee surgery…

  Some rentals are temporary classroom pets. A pet rental could be a fun gift to a specific teacher or classroom. Ask your child’s teacher if they would like an easy care pet in the classroom for a day or two! This can be particularly good when a child needs a little social boost in their classroom. And the teacher won’t have to worry about a year long pet and who will take it home for the summer!

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Thank You for supporting a small local farm family.

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