Happy pets love to vacation at Winterpast Farm while their humans are away or busy. We mostly keep dogs, but have kept cats, chickens, turtles, a beta fish, bunnies and guinea pigs and more.

Your pet stays safely busy, entertained, active, loved and happy. We can email you and send you photos and occasional videos of your pet while you are on vacation . We have some pets staying for weeks at a time…we love it when they become part of the family. Over night rate is $25 (for dogs, multiples and extended stays get a discount) with you providing food and their bed if you choose. Bunnies and guinea pigs are usually housed with the other farm animals and farm visitors are allowed to feed and hold them (supervised closely). Farmer Mary usually asks bunny and guinea pig rentals to be repaid by selecting a few items on the Winterpast Farm Amazon Wish List.  Owners also provide food and hay for these small animals.

The rate is Occasionally negotiable for long trips and for Wake County school teachers and those with multiple fur children.  Farmer Mary has also happily bartered pet care for work including very basic carpentry, welding, electric work, plumbing and other help needed at the farm.

We have the biggest dog door and the dogs are free to come inside and go outside when they like. Our 1730’s farm house has a cool brick kitchen floor where they like to sprawl in the summertime if they aren’t under a shade tree or under the back deck. We treat your dog like they were our dog. Schedule a visit soon to let your dog play with Farmer Marys dogs, Barney, Max and Charlie, and see your dog smile. Bring your dog bed but they usually choose to sleep with one of us.

Very convenient drop off and pick up any time of the day or night. Text Farmer Mary at 919-244-1800 to schedule a time for your dog to come visit briefly and see what you think about what we have to offer. Dogs are very happy at Winterpast Farm. 

Text Farmer Mary with specific pet vacation requests. Please state dates you want the pet care, ages and breeds and types of animals, remind Farmer Mary if you have visited the farm and if your animal has stayed at the farm, try to provide as much information possible so Farmer Mary can simply reply “yes” and avoid endless back and forth texts. 919-244-1800. Please do not FB message, Instagram message, leave voice mails, or try to email. Texting ONLY please. 919-244-1800