Good evening from the brand new baby bunny twins who were born today at Winterpast Farm! 

See a cute short video at winterpast_farm on Instagram or at Winterpast Farm on Facebook.

Exactly 31 days ago Farmer Mary  found sweet little blue eyed bunny COOPER missing from his pen. Seemed like a goat or sheep had wanted the hay in his pen and had somehow lifted the latch. COOPER was found pretty quickly right next door in a pen where ROCKY, a neutered male, and his good pal BODIE, a female, were living. COOPER had somehow squeezed in the pen. Generally when two bunnies are put together there are babies 31 days later. 

Watch here for daily photos as they develop.

Winterpast Farm Schedule:

OPEN Sat Oct 1 from 10-5

OPEN Sun Oct 2 from 12-5

CLOSED Mon Oct 3 for field trip

CLOSED Tues Oct 4

OPEN Wed Oct 5 from 10-5

CLOSED Thurs Oct 6

CLOSED Fri Oct 7 for field trip

CLOSED Sat Oct 8 for birthdays

OPEN Sun Oct 9 from 12-5

OPEN Mon Oct 10 from 10-5

Please read “your visit” at to learn how to schedule your farm visit and what food you can bring to feed the animals. 
Thank You for supporting a small local farm family. Follow the farm fun at winterpast_farm on Instagram.

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