Meet Farmer Mary’s new “Velveteen” breed boy bunny named ZEBRA at Winterpast Farm Petting Zoo in Wake Forest NC on Friday February 9 from 10-5.

Help Farmer Mary find out what kind of snacks he likes by bringing ZEBRA a food snack-most veggies and fruits are fine. Please read the entire “your visit” section at www.winterpast.org for a long list of the different food you can bring to feed all the animals, including lots of bunnies.

You can also read how to “park at a pig” in our small parking lot, about our admission price and how NOT to turn down the neighbors private road behind the barn at Winterpast Farm just because your GPS tells you to (!)

ZEBRA is getting used to laps here as he settles into his new life. You can help Farmer Mary by being an Assistant Animal Trainer on Friday and give ZEBRA a snuggle.

Farmer Mary has another all gray “Velveteen” boy bunny named EEYORE. You can meet and feed him and try snuggling him on your lap. We also have many other former pet bunnies and guinea pigs you can meet, feed and hold. The baby bunnies are a month old now and they get cuter every day!

Thank you for supporting a small local farm family.

Winterpast Farm Schedule:

CLOSED Wed Jan 31

OPEN Thurs Feb 1 from 10-5

OPEN Fri Feb 2 from 10-5 (Pig Day!)

OPEN Sat Feb 3 from 10-5

OPEN Sun Feb 4 from 12-5

CLOSED Mon Feb 5

CLOSED Tues Feb 6

CLOSED Wed Feb 7

CLOSED Thurs Feb 8

OPEN Fri Feb 9 from 10-5 (Zebra day!)

OPEN Sat Feb 10 from 10-5

OPEN Sun Feb 11 from 12-5

CLOSED Mon Feb 12

CLOSED Tues Feb 13

OPEN Wed Feb 14 from 10-5(Farmer Mary’s Birthday!)

CLOSED Thurs Feb 15

OPEN Fri Feb 16 from 10-5

Winterpast Farm Petting Zoo has an Amazon Wish List if you want to help Farmer Mary feed all the animals. Timothy hay is currently the most needed item.

If you would like to visit Winterpast Farm Petting Zoo please read “your visit” at www.winterpast.org which fully explains how to schedule your visit, how to not turn down Farmer Mary’s neighbors private road behind the old tobacco barn(!), how to “park at a pig” and lists food to bring to feed the animals. Thank you for supporting a small local farm family.

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