As much as we loved the trio of pink “Wilbur” pigs, they grew fast and started to knock over cages (I lost a dozen pheasants and my white bunnies are still running free after their cage was knocked over 3 times) and they began to get serious about “plowing” the front yard…Farmer Mary has lots of raking and replanting to do. They’ve moved down Hwy. 98 to another farm.

However, “Big Mama” the pot belly pig is still here and she has a new husband, another pot belly named “Harry”. At first Farmer Mary found him rather unattractive -sort of like a cross between a wildebeest and a rhinoceros, but his looks have grown on her and Big Mama is in love.  Pig gestation is, interestingly enough, 3 months, 3 weeks and 3 days.  So, we will see if there are any honeymoon babies in December.  Might be Christmas day!  Farmer Mary is envisioning “pig parties” and pig cupcakes and pig races…hope to bottle feed one or two.

Farmer Mary has started to rent out bunnies (complete with food and cage and all supplies) to families who are considering a pet bunny. Borrow a bunny from Winterpast Farm and then you can return it, exchange it or buy it once your family has gained some experience.  $20 for a week is the current rate. A very successful short-term rental was to a Grandma who had visiting grandchildren for a week.

Visits to Winterpast Farm have been $5 (adopted kids always visit for free) for many years…January 1 the price will go to $10 in order for Farmer Mary to continue to provide a place for families and groups to meet animals. Feed and hay prices continue to go up and up.  Schedule a visit, or several visits, this year and take advantage of the old fee.  Bring your friends!

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