What To Bring


Too six questions answered-copied from “your visit” page

1. Admission is $10 for all ages. Cash or check. No credit cards. Please be ready to pay on arrival. No change is available. Please respect our admission price. No change is available. Please respect our admission price. Please be prepared to pay on arrival. 
 2. Our parking lot is small so park CLOSE together. The address is 12936 Ghoston Road, Wake Forest NC 27587. Located near Falls Lake at the end of Six Forks Road at Highway 98. Make an appointment to visit. 
 3. Check open hours posted on website or facebook page then text to arrange a visit DURING those open hours. Please don’t just drop in. Farmer Mary likes to know when people are coming so she can be available near the gate. She doesn’t want to be ten acres back fixing a fence when you arrive! Please don’t text “can we come Thursday?” PLEASE BE SPECIFIC to avoid endless back and forth texts. For example you could text “group of five moms and six kids this Thursday at noon for picnic lunch and tour?” Farmer Mary is busy and cannot chat on the phone. YOU will be very happy if she doesn’t spend all her time on the phone while YOU are visiting. Basic questions are ALL answered below. 
 4. BRING FOOD FOR FEEDING THE ANIMALS! Long list is below. Short list is saltines, wheat crackers, wheat bread, cereal (any), carrots, celery, apples, grapes. Farmer Mary sometimes has sleeves of crackers, cereal or corn in baggies available for sale. You will have more fun with more animal food! If you choo to not bring animal food and choose to not buy animal food please DO NOT allow your children to mooch animal food from other visiors. Most visitors who choose to are able to hold bunnies, guinea pigs, chicks when available, chickens, baby goats and whatever else is small and cuddly. Most will snuggle longer if you are feeding them. 
 5. Yes there is a bathroom (outdoor composting toilet)and hand washing (sink and hot water at the barn)
6. Please plan to keep a close eye on your children while you are here. Please do not allow them to open closed cages, to close open cages , to stick fingers in cages or to chase any animals.
Now on to what to bring!

When you plan a visit to Winterpast Farm you can bring along food to feed the animals. This will make the visit more fun since regular visitors know what food to bring and your children will be sad if they have nothing to feed the animals. The food also encourages the bunnies and guinea pigs to sit on laps so please plan to bring food if you want to interact this way. Farmer Mary usually has sleeves of saltines, some carrots and corn available by the baggie full for sale. Most animal food items are $1 and the new $5 variety buckets usually sell out quickly.

 Some things the animals like include:
Apple slices
Carrots (big, small, they esp love the ones with greens still attached! New visitors may like to hold a long carrot as they learn how to feed the animals)
Peppers (yellow and red they like more than green)
Cereal- any is fine, but Cheerios type plain is best and the most popular
Bread (whole wheat is best, and sturdy slices are easier to hold out for feeding, or to throw to the ducks and turtles in the pond)
Popped popcorn
Raisins, dried fruit of any sort
green beans

Almost anything but meat or cheese, and please, nothing moldy. 

 Feel free to clean out your cupboards and pantry and bring outdated or stale food. Farmer Mary can use outdated cans of food for the pigs so bring it along! Some frequent farm visitors bring food when they clear out their refrigerator before vacation.
This fall bring your pumpkin innards to feed the pigs after you carve your Halloween pumpkin!

If you have extra oranges, Farmer Mary gives the bunnies and Guinea pigs orange halves or slices regularly for the vitamin C.

If you are clearing out your garden bring the vines and too big beans and other veggies..someone will eat it! 

 Favorites of the animals (this can change a bit!)

 GOATS: apples, carrots, grapes, celery, sometimes orange slices, green beans 

Bunnies:apples, carrots, celery, kale and other greens, crackers, raisins, veggies 

Guniea pigs:same as bunnies 

Peacocks: bread, crackers, kale, apple slices, grapes, dry dog food
goats: apple slices, carrots, celery, kale sometimes, crackers, bread, veggies 

MABEL and CLAIRE the Donkeys: apple slices, carrots, sometimes celery, crackers 

Ducks and chickens:crackers, bread, corn, cereal, apple slices (if thin) 

DORIS the goose: carrots, apple slices, kale, lettuce, bread, crackers, cereal, corn 

EMU: dry dog food, apple slices, kaLe, grapes, crackers, bread 

 Dislikes: onions, leeks, white potatoes, lemons, limes

They will eventually eat sweet potatoes and squash of any sort, but may not take it from your hand unless sliced thinly. These can be left in bunny and guniea pig cages for them to snack on.

Farmer Mary is happy to take unwanted dry cat and dog food. She often has a rescue pup living at the farm. 

 The food visitors bring are just treats for the animals. Farmer Mary regularly heads to Tractor Supply or Southern States for feed for all her animals. If you want to donate feed to the animals here is the types food Farmer Mary regularly buys at Tractor Supply or Southern States:
Whole corn
Pig food
Cracked corn
Scratch feed
Rabbit feed (any brand)
Goat food (any brand)
Sheep food (any brand)
Sweet feed (for goats, or labeled for all livestock, any breed)
Doggy Bag brand dog food at Tractor Supply (for the emu)
Shredded. Beet pulp
Poultry feed- any brand, crumbles or pellets. 









THANK YOU for supporting a small local farm family!

If you have a friend who is in any food-related business who might have excess food available, please let Farmer Mary know. She is very happy to take donations of bread, food, outdated food, hay bales that have been used for decor (same with pumpkins) 

 Thank you for supporting a small local family farm. Thank you for telling your friends about Winterpast Farm! Be sure and suggest they read this!

(919) 244-1800 is best for texting Farmer Mary.

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