You can find an AMAZON Wish List for Winterpast Farm Petting Zoo. Be sure to spell Winterpast as one word or the registry won’t take you there.

We can also always use old towels, fleece blankets, pillow cases (especially flannel), comforters, old sleeping bags (we dont care if the zipper broke!),

Outdoor seating-plastic chairs, benches, tables too.

Any pet items-carriers, pens, leashes, collars, food (wet or dry,  dog or cat or other)

Building material-wire, wire fencing, roofing, lumber, plywood…

Help with building and repairing fences and pens, especially roofs of pens. Really low skill level required 🙂

Seasonally we love donated pumpkins and christmas trees.

If you want to help Farmer Mary feed the animals the following (any brand or type) feed is always VERY useful:


Guinea pig

Goat-sweet or regular

Sheep-sweet or regular


Chicken-crumbles or pellets

Baby chick


“All stock” feed

Thank you for supporting a small local farm family.