Farmer Mary has enjoyed the day with her four children, keeping the woodstove going, admiring the baby piglets (seen here nursing from Big Mama)…hope to get the entire family out of the garage where Big Mama birthed earlier than expected, and into a nice, clean pen in a week or two.  Babies doing great although not available for visitors to hold yet.

Lizzie Lou, the goat, is due to birth soon and getting rounder dailyThe emu nest has 8 gorgeous eggs now-this photo is a day old with only 7, but you get the idea.  Looks like a dinosaur nest to most visitors!  Perhaps this year, Oscar Lulu, the Dad Emu will set on the eggs long enough for some to hatch!Winterpast Farm is open every day over Christmas break- best way to get in touch to schedule a visit is to text Farmer Mary at 244-1800 or email  Baby bunnies need holding and more coming soon.  Justin Beiber the peacock is gorgeous with his mature tail feathers growing longer daily.  Goose and duck eggs available most days for sale for your holiday baking…they really are better than chicken eggs!

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Unusual photos are usual at Winterpast Farm. Come take a unique holiday or New Years shot with a variety of animals including baby bunnies, piglets and (soon we hope) a baby goat or two. Or, hold a chicken or rooster or pose with Farmer Mary’s XL Great Dane, Wanda. Here’s Heather and Phil with day old piglets taken today.Farmer Mary’s daughter, Elizabeth, with a baby pig, two days old.


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Shadow relaxing on the chair in Farmer Mary’s office.

Farmer Mary, who wasn’t allowed to have animals as a small child, is greatly enjoying the company of several extra dogs this holiday season.  Here’s Woody (the reindeer), a regular visitor, in front of a cage of new doves.  Watch for more photos of dogs dressed for the season at Winterpast Farm.

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Big Mama and her babies at Winterpast Farm are doing great on their first real day after the birth last night.  Hope noone tires of cute baby piglet photos…more to come with them wearing santa hats!  Most babies are doing great …there’s a very big difference in sizes of babies.  Some of the littlest ones have imperfectly formed hoofs, but hopefully they’ll develop as they grow.  Big Mama is happily eating and drinking and nursing and eating and drinking and nursing and eating and drinking and nursing…Farmer Mary will be choosing a few piglets to bottle feed once they’ve had time with their Mom.  Come visit-you probably can’t hold one today, but soon we hope.

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Our pot bellied pig, Big Mama, had her babies five days early at Winterpast Farm…she’d been hanging out in the garage under a table on a pile of feed bags for a few days.  Meanwhile, Farmer Mary made plans for a lovely birthing place, first in the barn, then closer to the house…then, suprise!  Yesterday late afternoon Farmer Mary and her daughter, Elizabeth, were putting wood in the outdoor woodstove (we always need more wood by the way!) and heard loud squeals.  Mother pigs are known for stepping on and laying on newborns while they labor to produce more…we ran to the garage and found piglets…the count was unclear and we had some runts and the usual sadness amongst the joy, but most are doing well this morning.  The garage was not the plan, so Farmer Mary is hurrying to fix the space for temporarily housing the new family.  Big Mama had a big breakfast with extra liquids and most of the piglets look great.  Here’s a newborn photo from last night. A HUGE thanks to Elaina Fouts and her Mom who helped with warming and then latching on the babies, Josh who happened by when Farmer Mary was in the midst of everything, daughter Elizabeth who helped with runts and one hurt baby, and dear friend Michelle Tilley and her sons who left the line to see Santa Claus at the mall to rush to my aid.  Michelle has one piglet at her house who needed surgery after, we think, being stepped on soon after birth.

Piglets won’t be available to hold for a few days but quick visits, and food offerings (Big Mama loves anything including canned dog food) are welcome.

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