My 14 year old son and I had the BEST time with Farmer Mary and all her animals. I highly recommend a visit here, no matter what the ages of your children are. Parents will enjoy it as much as the kids!
  • We visited last Thursday when the weather was perfect. Our preschool age kids LOVED the farm and petting the baby bunnies, goats, sheep, llama, etc. Farmer Mary is WONDERFUL and really encouraged the kids to get up close to feed and learn more about the animals. We can’t wait to go back!
  • my friends surprised me with a trip here for my 21st birthday. so many beautiful animals! I enjoyed it so much – best birthday present ever!
  • This is a great place for kids!! The animals are all so nice and Mary is a wealth of knowledge. My daughter was only 1 year old and she loved it…she loved touching and feeding all the animals. This is one of the few places that you get to interact so closely with the animals. We drove all the way from Charlotte, NC, and it was worth it!
  • Ainsley and I had so much fun today at Winterpast Farm with Michelle T and her girls! Everyone should make the trip to Wake Forest to see all the animals and meet farmer Mary 🙂 Plus, a bonus for all the adoptive families…. Children who have been adopted get in free!!
  • this place is awesome with a one of a kind experience!
  • This is a great place for the kids to really get up close with the animals and to learn about them. Animals are all friendly and gentle!
  • What a fun place for the whole family to visit! Animals are so friendly and fun to feed and pet!!!
  • My new favorite place for a photo shoot!
  • What a WONDERFUL day we had with Farmer Mary! We will most certainly visit again soon.
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“Justin Beiber” has turned two and has some new “eye” feathers and loves to show off his tail. It will be another year before he’s really mature, but he’s certainly got plenty of self esteem already. The female peacocks are often seen gazing out at him instead of paying attention to “Joseph” the mature male they are enclosed with.

Farmer Mary and regular visitors have enjoyed watching him grow since he hatched from an egg at Winterpast Farm.

BIG NEWS…one of the females laid an egg today (not sure it’s fertile but Farmer Mary hopes so). It is large and creamy white and was laid under the house in the pen. Farmer Mary put it, with some hay, into a low nest-like enclosure in hopes the female will lay more…maybe we’ll get babies this year!
June 17,18, and 20 Farmer Mary found eggs in her peacock pen. They are in the incubator which hopefully won’t have electrical outages like last time. Cross your fingers for new babies soon!

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Easter Sunday will be a great day to hold a baby lamb and chick!

Create instant Easter photos you can just send from your smart phone! Farmer Mary should be home from church (where she is taking a lamb!) around 1.

If interested in a farm visit, call or text 919 244-1800 around 1. Winterpast Farm will be open for visits from around 1:30 until 5:30 when a lamb and chicks will be starring at a neighborhood Easter Egg party


How about a unique Easter pose with huge green emu eggs??  Amaze your friends!!

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Farmer Mary can bring a wide variety of nice bunnies to your home to help celebrate your child’s birthday..

The “Bunny Birthday” party at your home is  $100.  There would be all age bunnies, all colors and sizes and all very friendly.  Farmer Mary has a foldup pen they can be in, with your floor protected, or grass if outside,  then kids can get in and hold or she can hand them out to have party guests hold them while seated.

If you are interested in a possible bunny party, just a reminder that this would  be a really good time to get bunny themed party things at dollar stores and target!

Egg hunts are popular year round here at Winterpast Farm-we hide them along a forest trail for birthday guests to find.  That’s another fun game you could easily add to a bunny birthday party at your home, hiding eggs indoors or outside.  Other ideas include putting marshmallow or other candy bunnies in a jar and having children guess how many-winner takes the whole jar home!  Farmer Mary has bunny themed books and coloring sheets available.
There would be a small charge for travel if your home is quite a distance from the farm.
Don’t forget Farmer Mary’s “Rent A Bunny” Program.  A bunny in a cage with all the food and needed accessories is $20 a week.  Great for holidays, home school projects, a chance to see if a pet bunny is right for your child/family.  The birthday child might enjoy a week long in-home bunny visit prior to his or her party or afterwards to add to the fun.
Here’s Farmer Mary showing a bunny at a recent home party.
Farmer Mary hopes you’ll choose a BUNNY BIRTHDAY PARTY soon!
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Are you looking for a fun, but not childish, way to celebrate your teen’s birthday?  Bring your teen and his or her friends to Winterpast Farm for a bonfire birthday.  Celebrate outdoors, enjoy nature, meet some animals, borrow Farmer Mary’s extra long forks to cook hotdogs and marshmallows….

Ten fenced acres, unlimited parking, bathroom available, lots of picnic tables and chairs.  Fun for all ages.

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