Farmer Mary is scheduling group and family bonfires and campouts at Winterpast Farm…however, no guarantees regarding the exact time in the morning that the roosters will start to crow!  Where else can you camp with a llama?  Those fresh eggs in the morning are really special.

Back pasture is also great for youth events, Scouts, movie nights, paint ball and other games.  The entire 10 acres is fenced, so no worries about anyone wandering off.  Plenty of parking and we can run electricity pretty far back.

OTHER FARM NEWS:  “Lizzie Lou” the goat is getting really wide.  Her husband “Henry” has left to be herd sire at another farm.  I’m thinking she’ll have twins or triplets…probably in late November or early December.  Drop by the farm if you ever clean out your frig or cupboards and throw some food over the fence. She’s always hungry these days!

Mother Muscovy duck has been setting for quite a while under my Lantana bush in the front yard…Farmer Mary didn’t’ notice the day she started to set since she’s hidden behind a shrub, so didn’t get the date in her calender, but she is due to hatch ducklings any time now…we are all looking forward to her parading around with them.  She has a great husband who seriously guards the nest whenever she steps away for food or water.  She is setting on 12 eggs.

Both “Justin Beiber” the young peacock, and “Joseph” the older male, are growing their fancy tail feathers (which they lose at the end of the summer)back in at an astounding rate. The colors on Justin’s tail are nearly neon green.  He’s from an egg Farmer Mary bought at another farm so is of uncertain heritage so we are all curious to see what he looks like with his mature feathers. This is the year he’ll finally get his really long tail feathers. The better to impress “Rachel” the peahen with, he hopes.

“Barnabas” the donkey is moving to another farm where he will be the first animal for a family just starting out on 10 acres.  I think he’ll enjoy being babied.   Farmer Mary is looking for a pony or mini horse for riding and hopes to start a “pony club” of sorts for children to learn to care for the animals.  Stay tuned….or, if YOU want to buy a pony for your child and keep it at the farm, please let her know.

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