HOWARD the hedgehog was donated to Winterpast Farm today from frequent farm visitors who visit all the way from Connecticut!  HOWARD is blind and doesn’t have the usual lifestyle of staying asleep all day while being up all night. This makes him perfect for the farm so visitors can meet and hold him during open hours. Come meet HOWARD soon. We are still figuring out what treats he enjoys and will list them soon for visitors to bring.

Please SHARE with any friends who love hedgehogs or anyone who might enjoy meeting a really unique animal.
Thank You for supporting a small local farm family.

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Come snuggle our new baby bunnies!!

CLOSED Tuesday June 30(our summer host child, Vlad,from Belarus arrives that day!)
OPEN Wednesday July 1 from 10-5

CLOSED Thursday July 2

OPEN Friday July 3 from 10-5

OPEN Saturday July 4 from 10-5

OPEN Sunday July 5 from 1-5

Please read “your visit” at which will explain how to schedule your visit, what food to bring to feed the animals, how to park mindfully in our small parking lot and other visiting tips.

Please schedule your farm visit. If really rainy please check in about weather conditions at the farm before arriving.

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Soon when you visit Winterpast Farm you will see pig shapes marking individual parking spots. This will hopefully help farm visitors park more mindfully of others.  Farmer Mary and daughter Elizabeth, and farm volunteer Donna, began painting them today. Some may have a few chicken footprints!   Next comes painting the eyes and smiles. And maybe some polka dots!  When YOU visit Winterpast Farm, be sure to “park at a pig”! Will you pick blue or pink or purple?

Pigs made by Steve Antonelli 919-740-5576. Steve does all the handyman chores at Winterpast Farm and is an excellent choice when you need a job done! Highly recommend.


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Farmer Mary finally found a shearer who actually showed up! The sheep were very cooperative. CHARLIE the farm dog was amazingly helpful in catching the sheep. First was our Shetland ram, BA BA.

Then his wife AUNT COCOA. Who knew she was black under all that brown wool?  BA BA was admiring his trim wife.
Then MARTIN LUTHER who was just born this past January.

Then MARTIN LUTHER’s Mom,  ALBERTA. Good dog, CHARLIE, had to really work to help catch her and Farmer Mary’s daughter Elizabeth and Belarusian host child Stephan were both needed to get her in position.


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Farmer Mary’s young Frizzle breed chicken took some selfies today!!! Farmer Mary was dealing with a goat escape and left her ipad on a bench with the camera still on. This Frizzle hen really wanted to be on Facebook and on the farm website! 


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