Open Hours



The farm is open, usually, most weekdays including holidays, weekdays, most weekends and most Sundays. The FARM OPEN schedule is posted very regularly on the Winterpast Farm facebook page (you might have to scroll through a few posts) and on the blog of the home page of the website ( and at winterpast_farm on Instagram posts.  This varies widely week to week. Farmer Mary is a single mother with four young adult children she likes to spend time with.  She also regularly takes some of her animals to away events, birthdays, schools, camps… The farm is closed for large Birthday parties, large groups, and for bonfires.

Please do not just drop by the farm.

PLEASE SET UP YOUR VISIT IN ADVANCE AND DON’T JUST DROP BY! Farmer Mary may be away at a school or church or other event; she may have a group at the farm for a birthday or field trip; she may be busy with one of her four children; she may be worming the goats or birthing piglets….After contacting Farmer Mary by texting her to ask if your size party can visit at a certain time (please be specific and don’t just say today or this afternoon. Please text only between 8am and 10pm. Farmer Mary will not return texts made at 6am or midnight!You might text “could our party of 3 adults and 5 children come on friday the 14th at noon?” so she can quickly respond without endless back and forth texts. You will be glad if Farmer Mary doesn’t have to stop endlessly to chat or text on her phone while you are visiting the farm,919-244-1800) Farmer Mary will set up a date and time to meet with your family or group to show you the barn, introduce the animals  and feed and pet and hold the animals.

Please make an appointment to visit. Text Farmer Mary with farm visit requests. Please state dates you want the ages, ages that will interact with the animals, remind Farmer Mary if you have visited the farm, mention specific animals uou want to see or if you hope to collect and buy eggs. Please try to provide as much information possible so Farmer Mary can simply reply “yes” and avoid endless back and forth texts. 919-244-1800. Please do not FB message, Instagram message, leave voice mails, or try to email. Texting ONLY please. 919-244-1800. Please text only between 8am and 10pm. Farmer Mary will not return texts made at 6am or midnight!Please text to schedule your visit. Please text only between 8am and 10pm. Farmer Mary will not return texts made at 6am or midnight!


Farm visits are $10 per person, all ages. Adopted children visit at no charge. There are old reviews of Winterpast Farm on the Internet showing the old price of $5 per person. If you see one, please let Farmer Mary know so she can try to get the review updated or deleted so people are not misled. The price changed several years ago to reflect the rising cost of feeding the animals and the increasing ongoing rescue work Farmer Mary does with unwanted pets. Please respect our admission price. Please don’t plan to debate the admission price at the gate. Cash ONLY-Farmer Mary has had way too many bad checks returned lately!

Please bring food to feed the animals. Read the page specifically about that. Ideally please also read the “your visit” page so you will better understand parking, feeding and more.

Please pay on arrival. Otherwise it is easy to forget and to leave without paying. Please pay $10 per person. Cash. Cash ONLY-Farmer Mary has had way too many bad checks returned lately!

Farmer Mary does NOT have change. Please respect our admission price. There are items to purchase including fresh eggs, peacocks feathers, and unique clay ornaments made by Farmer Mary all at $5 each which you can use to “make change” if necessary. Cash or check only. Please respect our admission price.



  The average time of a farm tour is about an hour, although you are welcome to stay longer after Farmer Mary moves on to welcome another group and be aware that your visit may overlap with another small group or two. However, adults must stay with their children at all times and not allow them to chase animals or to open gates or pens. We have hammocks you are welcome to use but you must stand there and watch your children if they are in them.

Some groups bring lunch or a picnic dinner.`There are picnic tables in a “chicken free” zone by the barn (please help to keep it chicken free and refrain from feeding any stray chickens who might be nearby) and another picnic area is inside the gate where it is very obvious that chickens and other animals will be very close to you. Farmer Mary has plenty of tablecloths if you would like to use one.