BIG MAMA, “BABY BUMP”, BIEBER, AND BABY BUNNIES (can you say that three times, fast?)

BIG MAMAs BABY BOY, one month old

Three boys and a girl (girl is all black with pink legs 2nd from left) enjoying their mother’s milk…Farmer Mary is feeding Big Mama three times a day to  help her. Feel free to bring donations of food for her-she loves dog food, veggies, cherry pie, collards…so far Farmer Mary hasn’t found anything she won’t eat except Vanilla yogurt.

BIG MAMA is doing great.  The piglets are thriving and enjoying getting outside on nice days.



Just when Farmer Mary thinks Lizzie Lou can’t get any wider and birth is sure to be soon, Lizzie Lou fools her.  Today while Farmer Mary was away awhile, Lizzie sneaked into the house and tried to update this blog herself-really, signs of goat were on the desk and keyboard!  Internet issues have been a problem but Farmer Mary will try her best to keep photos and updates coming.Here’s a photo from yesterday…Farmer Mary is in front of a pile of over 150 Christmas Trees gathered for an annual bonfire/potluck.

JUSTIN BIEBER (THE YOUNG PEACOCK)  gets prettier (more handsome I guess Farmer Mary should say) daily…he’s been practicing putting up his feathers to impress the ladies this Spring.


Bunnies, as you all know, multiply at an amazing rate…here’s the latest (three of four) born at the farm who would love to be cuddled by YOU.Farmer Mary has big plans to open a proper “Rabbitry” called RAINBOW RABBITRY this Spring where you can hold, rent, and adopt bunnies of all ages.  Stay tuned for updates.Photos thanks to son, Ben’s, best friend, Colton Cockman who yesterday spent the afternoon photographing and helping out at Winterpast Farm. 

If you’ve visited the farm you’ve seen the old vans Farmer Mary’s’ brother stores in the back pasture.  He had grand plans for one day….Here’s the new (old) red van  just donated for Farmer Mary to fix up as rabbit housing…come help Farmer Mary paint the outside and fix up the inside!

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