Bunny Ruby snuck out of her cage and honeymooned with Ralph, the Angora, and they proudly announce the birth of their five babies.  At 16 days old they have upright ears and lots of fur, finally, after having looked like hairless rats.  They look like teeny tiny bunnies now, with eyes open.

Here they are at 5 days old. Here is one at two weeks old. These five are available, eventually, for adoption.

After losing many of my adult ducks to a fox my remaining brown Runner Duck Mom settled into marriage with a black and white breed unknown. She has been setting on eggs in a doghouse in the chicken pen, and hatched 12 babies two days ago who are tall and skinny like Mom, and black and white like Dad. Today they are out in the yard with Mom in front of the line and Dad in the back keeping an eye out.  Here’s a photo with Mom at two days old.

Meanwhile, I thought the fox had eaten my last remaining white female Muscovy (heavy meat duck with bright red caruncles on their face) but she was nesting on 21 eggs in my wellhouse.  Snuggled down in insulation she would come and go via. warped plywood lid…after 28 days she hatched 19 beautiful babies last week and all are doing well.

Here they are with Mom, at one day old.

Meanwhile, inside, Farmer Mary’s incubator held peacock and guinea eggs…so far five guineas and one peacock have hatched.  Here is a photo of two adult male guineas at the farm. I am hoping to hatch some females.

Here is the baby peacock at about 10 minutes old.

He’s dried off and fluffy now and staying inside at 99degrees for a week or two.

Meanwhile our new peacocks, Joseph and his wife Rachel are enjoying life at the farm. Lucky visitors get a chanced to see Josph’s gorgeous tail feathers.

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