A few of the animals at Winterpast Farm Petting Zoo are resting after a very busy morning with farm visitors who braved the rain (that never came) forecast. 

CHARLIE the farm dog was earning his keep today as he caught and then battled a huge black snake (viewing the battle was totally optional for farm visitors) and sweet baby goat OREO was walked on a leash by nearly every visitor.   

Soon after closing early for the day Farmer Mary helped her daughter pack up a wide variety of bunnies and guinea pigs and chicks and a hedgehog for pickup for an away Birthday late this afternoon in Raleigh. 

Farmer Mary has a mobile petting zoo or you can hire her daughter, Elizabeth, for half the price and come pick her and the animals up at Winterpast Farm. Elizabeth gets rave reviews from home Birthday parties. Read more about home (or farm) Birthdays at

If you would like to meet the wide variety of animals at Winterpast Farm Petting Zoo, PLEASE read the entire “your visit” at which very fully explains parking, our admission price, and lists a wide variety of food you can bring for feeding the animals.

Winterpast Farm Schedule:

CLOSED at 1 today 

OPEN Sun Aug 13 from 12-6(rain please stay away!!!)

CLOSED Mon Aug 14

CLOSED Tues Aug 15

OPEN Wed Aug 16 from 10-5

CLOSED Thurs Aug 17

OPEN FRi Aug 18 from 12-6 after early field trip

OPEN Sat Aug 19 from 11-6 after an early field trip

OPEN Sun Aug 20 from 12-6

CLOSED Mon Aug 21

CLOSED Tues Aug 22

OPEN Wed Aug 23 from 10-5

CLOSED Thurs Aug 24

OPEN Fri Aug 25 from 1-8

OPEN Sat Aug 26 from 10-6

OPEN Sun Aug 27 from 12-5

PLEASE DO NOT drive down our neighbors private road behind the Winterpast barn even if your GPS tells you to!!! Our address is 12936 Ghoston Road and our very well marked entrance is at 12936 Ghoston Road. 

PLEASE look for our LARGE entry sign and enter the parking lot there.

PLEASE “park at a pig” in our small parking lot. Please have exact cash or check to Winterpast Farm to pay the $10 per person admission.#winterpastfarm #pettingzoo #wakeforestnc #bordercollie #babygoat #oreo #charlie #gooddog #bandana #busymorning #ncfarm 

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