CLOSED Tuesday June 2

CLOSED Wednesday June 3 

CLOSED Thursday June 4

OPEN Friday June 5 from 10-2 (then Farmer Mary takes a pig to kiss a school Principal!)

OPEN Saturday June 6 from 10-3 (then Farmer Mary goes to a Birthday in Apex)

OPEN Sunday June 7 from 1-5

CLOSED Monday June 8

CLOSED Tuesday June 9 (one of our host children from Belarus arrives that day!)

CLOSED Wednesday June 10 

OPEN Thursday June 11 from 10-5

CLOSED Friday June 12 for school field trip

OPEN Saturday June 13 from 10-5

OPEN Sunday June 14 from 10-12:30 (then we have a Birthday party at the farm)

OPEN Monday June 15 from 10-5

CLOSED Tuesday June 16

CLOSED Wednesday June 17

CLOSED Thursday June 18

OPEN Friday June 19 from 10-5

OPEN Saturday June 20 from 10-5

OPEN Sunday June 21 from 10-5 (Father’s 1/2 price!)

OPEN Monday June 22 from 10-5

CLOSED Tuesday June 23

CLOSED Wednesday June 24 for preschool visit

CLOSED Thursday June 25

CLOSED Friday June 26

CLOSED Saturday June 27 for  private group visit

OPEN Sunday June 28 from 1-5

OPEN Monday June 29 from 10-5

CLOSED Tuesday June 30(our summer host child, Vlad,from Belarus arrives that day!)

Please read “your visit” at which will explain how to schedule your visit, what food to bring to feed the animals, how to park mindfully in our small parking lot and other visiting tips.
Please schedule your farm visit. If really rainy please check in about weather conditions at the farm before arriving.  


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