Farmer Mary is still settling details for a few birthdays and away events. Here is May so far. Feel free to text 919-244-1800 to ask about specific dates farther out. Texting is ALWAYS the best way to ask Farmer Mary a question. most questions are already answered at “Your Visit” or “Birthdays” or other pages of the website. Please read!!!!

Friday May 1 Farmer Mary’s animals will be on MY CAROLINA TODAY TV show at 11:30am. Check Channel 17!  Farm OPEN 2-6pm

Saturday May 2 OPEN 10-5

Sunday May 3 CLOSED for Birthdays

Monday May 4 OPEN 10-5

Tuesday May 5 OPEN 10-5

Wednesday May 6 OPEN 10-5

Thursday May 7 CLOSED

Friday May 8 CLOSED


OPEN 10-5 Saturday May 9

OPEN 10-5 Sunday May 10-bring your Mom!

CLOSED Monday May 11

OPEN 10-5 Tuesday May 12

OPEN 1-5 Wednesday May 13 after a private group

OPEN 12-5 Thursday May 14 after a private group

CLOSED Friday May 15 for private gRoup and school visits

OPEN 10-5 Saturday May 16

CLOSED Sunday May 17 for birthday

OPEN 10-5 Monday May 18

OPEN 10-5 Tuesday May 19

CLOSED Wednesday May 20

OPEN 10-5 Thursday May 21

CLOSED Friday May 22 for private group visit

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