Farmer Mary’s daughter has been training her favorite bunny, GEORGE, to walk on a harness and leash. He seems to like hopping all around and exploring Winterpast Farm Petting Zoo in Wake Forest NC.

Winterpast Farm is closed for visits for a few days to take a break after a very busy Thanksgiving holiday. Winterpast Farm is open every major holiday-keep that in mind when your holiday house guests need entertaining!

Farmer Mary and her daughter will be catching up on farm chores and continuing to work with GEORGE on his harness training. Perhaps next time YOU visit Winterpast Farm you can walk him around!

Farmer Mary will be showing groups of farm visitors the huge green emu eggs that the emu has begun to lay. She has posted a few very exact emu nest tour times for every day the farm is open. Farm visitors who want to walk way out in the back pasture are welcome-be sure to be on time! Usually the emu lays between 20 and 30 eggs this time of year. Perhaps this will finally be the year the Dad emu sets on the eggs (for 55days!) and hatches some babies!

If you would like to meet all the animals at Winter past Farm Farm Petting Zoo, PLEASE read the entire “your visit” section at which very fully explains parking, our admission price, and lists a wide variety of food you can bring for feeding the animals.

Winterpast Farm Schedule:

CLOSED Mon Nov 27

CLOSED Tues Nov 28

CLOSED Wed Nov 29

OPEN Thurs Nov 30 from 10-5 (emu nest tour at 11,2,4)

OPEN Fri Dec 1 from 10-5(emu nest tour at 11,2,4)

OPEN Sat Dec 2 from 10-5(emu nest tour at 11,2,4)

OPEN Sun Dec 3 from 12-5(emu nest tour at 1,4)

PLEASE DO NOT drive down our neighbors private road behind the Winterpast barn even if your GPS tells you to!!! Our address is 12936 Ghoston Road and our entrance is right there.

Thank you for supporting a small local farm family. Winterpast Farm has an Amazon Wish List.#bunny #george #rabbit #bunniesofinstagram #winterpastfarm #pettingzoo #wakeforest #farmermary #rabbitsofinstagram #harness #farmfun #ncfarm #pet #animaltraining #farmersdaughter #closedtoday

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