Ducks and DORIS the goose think it is a very fine day! Raining at Winterpast Farm this morning….most farm visits have cancelled. Please check in with Farmer Mary at 919-244-1800 to see how the weather is at the farm before you decide about visiting today. Texting is always best. Most of our animals are hanging out inside the barn where you won’t see them or in their pens and cages all covered up with tarps. 

UPDATE at 12:30 still raining steadily.
Love is in the air at Winterpast Farm! Farmer Mary was a witness at the recent wedding of BA BA the black Shetland ram and ALBERTA the Jacob Sheep (Mother of MARTIN LUTHER). ALBERTA is due to lamb January 20.

Heavy rain has closed the farm for visits and rentals today, A Landry Academy homeschool Welding Intensive class which was to start today in the back pasture was cancelled. Farmer Mary and the instructor are hoping the sun is out tomorrow for the class to resume.

CLOSED Tuesday Sept 1

OPEN 10-5 Wednesday Sept 2

CLOSED Thursday Sept 3

OPEN Friday Sept 4 from 10-5

OPEN Saturday Sept 5 from 9-12 

Farmer Mary will post the schedule for more of September very soon.

Please read “your visit” at www.winterpast.org to learn how to schedule a farm visit, birthday, bonfire, field trip and more. A very detailed list of food you can bring for animal feeding is also there.

Thank you for supporting a small local farm family.

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