Did you know 88 percent of Americans will enjoy turkey for Thanksgiving dinner? That is 46 million turkeys! Most turkeys sold are females. The males get too big to fit in average sized ovens! They are processed into turkey sausage, turkey bacon, turkey hotdogs and deli meat.
The turkey industry in the United States, which includes over 8,000 farms, employs about 25,000 individuals. North Carolina is one of the top states in producing turkeys.
Adult male turkeys are called “Toms”
Adult females are called “Hens”
Babies are called “poults”. The eggs, which are similar to chicken eggs in size, are tan with brown speckles. Turkey eggs are a bit pointed on one end. they take 28 days to hatch.
A group of turkeys is called a “Flock”
You can hear a male turkey gobbling noise up to a mile away.
Commercially raised turkeys,cannot fly and most are too heavy to mate naturally. Wild turkeys can fly shirt distances up to 50 mph and can run 20mph.
This morning Farmer Mary took three different breeds of turkeys to visit St. David’s School in Raleigh.

IMG_6005.JPG< TURKEY LURKEY, a pet turkey at Winterpast Farm, suggested trying this fruity turkey for your holiday dining! IMG_5915.JPG

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