Please read “your visit” at www.winterpast.org to learn how to schedule your visit, all about our admission price, what food you can bring to feed the animals and other visit tips. Check in with Farmer Mary by texting her at 919-244-1800 on rainy days that are posted open. Sometimes it may be raining at your house, but sunny at the farm. No one likes sitting on a wet bench holding a wet bunny!!
Please don’t text asking to visit the farm on a day posted CLOSED. The farm schedule is posted very regularly at the website and at the Winterpast Farm Facebook page. On Instagram please follow us at winterpast_farm to get farm photos and videos.
After you visit if you want to tell your friends about visiting Winterpast Farm please tell your friends to read “your visit” at www.winterpast.org and to text Farmer Mary to arrange a visit (don’t just drop by) and to bring along some of the food listed there to feed the animals.
  Thank you for supporting a small local farm family.

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