Farmer Mary proudly announces the birth of OLIVIA, daughter of YANA and BILLY BOB the goats. This afternoon Farmer Mary was taking bananas to all the animals (big sale at Kroger!) when she heard and saw YANA in labor. Farmer Mary ran inside for her birthing supplies (already at the front hall) and a few towels. When she got to YANA the baby’s nose and one hoof were peeking out.

Farmer Mary cleaned her hands and lubed them and cleared the baby’s nose. She tried to help stretch the space around the baby, but YANA wasn’t ready to push. The baby was breathing well, so no worries. YANA lay down, then got up several times and paced a bit. Then she lay down, gave a push and out popped the baby. Farmer Mary wiped her clean and put iodine on the umbilical cord to keep it clean. Then, she expressed a bit of colostrum ( the first, thick yellowy milk) into the baby’s mouth. YANA rested, then started licking the baby. Farmer Mary slipped a coat ( made of an old coat sleeve) on the baby once it was clean and dry since it is a chilly day. Farmer Mary got YANA some extra good food and made her a special warm water mixture with salt and brown sugar. She got an extra hay bale from the barn and added one more tarp to the pen to help keep baby warm.

Farmer Mary settled in to watch for passing the afterbirth and helped encourage nursing. Hours later, OLIVIA is nursing, YANA is eating and drinking and settling into motherhood.



A very short video

Farmer Mary sat outside in the pen to help with nursing. OLIVIA (the baby) started out at the wrong end.

Farmer Mary’s daughter was the first other person to hold the new baby. Mama, YANA, hovered.



YANA got special warm drink with brown sugar and salt. And, lots of fresh veggies and fruits

When you visit, starting tomorrow, you could bring apples, carrots, any veggies or fruits for mama.
A few birthing videos..nothing graphic. Farmer Mary was midwife and videographer.



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